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I used to believe that nothing was available to me beyond living in a basement suite and working at a pancake restaurant. To this day, I don't think anything is wrong with either of those things, but I remember feeling so trapped. I was resentful of my upbringing and the lack of opportunities that were afforded to me. I wanted something different in this life for myself, but I wasn't sure how, because I didn't believe it was possible for me.


I remember thinking that considering how I grew up (coming out of foster care, being told I had multiple learning disabilities and I didn't even finish high-school) I was doing pretty well for myself and I was!


I didn't begin to realize that I had the ability to change my beliefs and my life until my 30's. I returned to school, took some fitness and nutrition training, and ended up getting a job as a recreational activities worker at a women's prison. It was for the same non profit that ran the second group home I was placed in when I was a teenager. Talk about full circle! This is where I really discovered my passion for helping others change their lives for the better. During the start of covid I decided to go back to school, again. Today, I am now a certified 

hypnotherapist & RTT practitioner. I was able to focus on following my purpose and passions, all because I decided to change my beliefs about myself, and my perceived limitations regarding my circumstances.


I've had a lot of personal experience with change - overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, financial insecurities, family cycles and patterns. I've managed chronic pain from several car accidents and healed Graves disease without having to be on meds for the rest of my life. All of this was possible by changing my thoughts, beliefs, and working with the healing power of the mind.

In addition, I have a wealth of experience supporting my clients in rewriting their stories through RTT Hypnotherapy. I am adept at guiding individuals through transformative experiences, helping them overcome challenges, and facilitating positive changes in their lives.

I'm passionate about helping others see what's possible in their lives and I'm excited to guide you toward unlocking your own potential.


Are you ready to create the life you desire?

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To save people time and money getting to the root cause of their issue, aligning with the freedom they have always wanted. All within 3 sessions.



To help people reach their potential so that they can become their best selves. I want to spread the message that anyone can find their way out of a limiting situation and live their best lives! I am living proof of that.

Enjoying Sunset
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