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My Services

Holistic, transformational hypnotherapy, custom-tailored to your life.


Do you want to unlock your full potential but don’t know how? Are you ready to finally step out of your limiting beliefs and into a life you love?


My innovative, personalized, rapid transformation therapy sessions are the answer you’ve been searching for. Whether you realize they’re influencing you or not, your self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fears, keep you from living the life you love—one you truly deserve.


I believe in empowering you to fulfill your dreams, by stepping outside your pains and childhood traumas, and creating ultimate awareness and transformation, through your subconscious.


You don’t have to lose time and sleep over searching for a hypnotherapist near me, online anymore.


Discover the freedom and self-empowerment you’ve always wanted, with me today!


1:1 Rapid transformational therapy session (in-person or online) 

If you’re looking for that personalized, one-on-one support and guidance to get the root of your issue and overcome your fears, doubts, and traumas, then my 1:1 Rapid Transformational therapy sessions are just for you. Together, we’ll go on a journey to step outside your limiting beliefs, and understand why they’re holding you back, and where they come from. All RTT sessions include the bespoke recording, to listen to for 21 days.


Investment of $269 CAD includes:

1 x Personalized 1:1 RTT/ Hypnotherapy session to get to the underlying cause, reframe and transform you on the deepest level. 

1 x Personalized 15-20 minute, hypnosis meditation recording to listen to for 21 days and keep forever to rewire and recode your sub-mind to align with the results you want.

2 x Check ins via email and email access to support during the 21 days after your session.

1 x 20 minute call via zoom to assess results achieved from the session.

Three-session RTT package (in-person or online) 

This option is perfect for those that have more than one issue to address, or are dealing with a more challenging issue, that will most likely require more than one RTT session. Together, we’ll go on a three-month transformational experience, to step outside your limiting beliefs, and understand where they come from and how they’re holding you back.  After each 1:1, you’ll receive a new personalized hypnosis recording, that you’ll listen to for 21 days following your sessions but can utilize them for as long as you want. They are yours to keep forever!

Investment of $699 CAD includes: 

3 x Personalized 1:1 RTT/ Hypnotherapy sessions to get to the underlying causes, to reframe and transform you on the deepest level. 

3 x Personalized 15-20 minute, hypnosis meditation recordings that you will listen to for 21 days following each session, in order to rewire and recode your sub-mind and align with the results you want. 

6 x Check-ins via email, and email access to me for support, during the 3 months we work together.

3 x 20 minute calls via zoom. One call each month, (following 21 days of listening to recording) to assess the results of that months session.

Group transformational hypnotherapy workshops (in-person or online) 

If you’re more comfortable in a group setting, my group transformational therapy workshops are the answer. Whether you’re struggling with addictions, such as smoking, want to build self confidence, or even improve sports performance, I have designed group sessions where you’ll find support and nurturing along with others going through the same struggles. 

Investment ranges from $49-$199 a person. I will post opportunities for group session events here. You can inquire about options for your own private friends or family group session.


Stand alone bespoke hypnosis meditation (online only)

Personalized recordings are great for affirmations, motivation, sleep, general relaxation, manifesting, positive booster, and much more. This is a great option if you are unsure whether or not you want a full session, but still want a personalized hypnosis meditation recording.

Investment of $149 includes:

1 x 45 min intake and personalized hypnosis recording on any subject.



If You Want To


-Learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind.

-Access and identify blocks effectively and quickly.

-Understand how to fix your blocks FOR GOOD.

-Alleviate physical and/or emotional pain.

-Give up toxic habits.

-Significantly boost your performance (in arts, sports, business career,           personal relationships, creative expression).

-Eliminate corrupt thought patterns.

-Recharge your life.

-Set yourself FREE from anxiety, depression, fear,

  phobias, confidence issues, weight issues,

  eating disorders, sleep issues, specific skin issues,

  addictions, accumulated, unresolved trauma FAST.

-Create new neural pathways in your mind.


 And so much more!

 Then my services are right for you!

Step outside of what’s holding you back and create a life you love today.